10 Questions to Ask Your Child’s Teacher before the Open House or Conference

10 Questions to Ask Your Child’s Teacher before the Open House or Conference

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Our children will spend a whole school year with their teacher. Parents, are the first teachers and we are responsible to help not only our children, but also their teachers to have the best year possible. I have put this list together to give you an idea of what I asked my teachers. You are welcome to add more to it, and please comment with your ideas or questions. It will help me to learn, and will give more ideas to my readers.


10 Questions to Ask Your Child’s Teacher Before the Open House or Conferences:


~1. What are the expectations for the upcoming year:



~2. Will there be any Homework?



~3. What about Reading?



~4. Any specific books that my child should read?




~5.  Mathematics – any resources to help my child practice?




~6. What are the best ways to help during the year?




~7. What type of snacks and drinks aren’t the best to have in the class?




~8. Do you have anything planned for this year as far as parents engagement? What is expected? ( example: last year I was scheduled to read for the kids, my husband – talked to the kids about his job)




~9. What is your point of view towards surprise parties? Are cupcakes, cakes, candies, etc. ok to bring?



~10. Anything else you would want or expect from me and my child this year?





Remember that teachers will spend a lot of time with your kids during the year- they are like Spider Man.to me. This is the reason why, I think, we should be thankful. Always, feel free to show your appreciation and support for their work. Also, being ready for the year ahead, will give both us and our child the confidence that we this year will be productive and great. Please read here to see how I showed appreciation for my children’s teachers this year.



What are your thoughts?