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5 Reasons Why You Should Enjoy Everyday of the Fall Season
5 Reason to Enjoy Fall Everyday

5 Reason to Enjoy Fall Everyday

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“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” ~ Albert Camus

I don’t know anything about you, but chances are that Fall brings you and me about the same feelings. We live in Washington state, so here we have lots of rain and some, or maybe many, complain about it, but not me. I will give you five reasons why you should enjoy this beautiful season!

I took the picture above at a local farmers store, and it brings me lots of joy: just take a moment and enjoy the colors of the flowers, pumpkins, or anything else. It takes my breath away.

5 Reason to Enjoy Fall

  1. The Colors – Walking, running, driving, anything you are doing on daily basis, you see these gorgeous colors. Every single day, my breath is just taken away by the beauty of the colorful trees, bushes, flowers. I take a minute or two to just stare, and it gives me peace of mind, joy, and that peaceful feeling, and in love. Doesn’t it look like a masterpiece when we see all these splashes of colorful leaves on the green grass? Wow!!!
  2. Rain – Yes, rain! Just put your rain boots on and go jump in the water paddles, go ahead, bring back the childhood and its beautiful memories. It amazes me how children enjoy every moment, and we, the adults, somehow forgot how to do it.
  3. Clean Air – During fall, we have to get a little more clothes on us because it’s cold, and it’s rainy. Colder temperatures and rain purifies the air we breath. During this season, I love to get my cup of coffee and enjoy it while standing by the door and watch how my husband goes to work ( this makes me sad, I wish he could stay home with me).
  4. Veggies and Fruits – Pumpkins, of course, apples, artichokes, cabbage, cranberries  and so many more. Just imagine all the dishes that you can make with them for your family. Or just enjoy them raw, yummmmm. At my house we always have fruits and veggies as snacks, or in smoothies, or frozen in small pieces.
  5. Family Time –  This is one of my favorite parts! I love going hiking with my family, taking beautiful pictures, and just enjoying our red noses and cups of coffee or tea. Also, going to the store feels like we went somewhere fancy because of the beautiful scene and the pumpkins spice smell of course.

I believe that fall is the second spring and the leaves are just beautiful flowers. Keeping a positive mind, enjoying everyday, and being thankful – that’s a real blessing and true treasure. What do you like about Fall?



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