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Easy Back to School Strategies
Easy Back to School Strategies

Easy Back to School Strategies

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Yes, is that time of the year, the time when we realize that our kids just grew up a little more and are headed to a new school year. And how emotional do you feel when you realize that time speeds up too much and there is no way to return back to those pick-a-boo moments.

The supplies and clothes shopping for the school is completed, it’s time to talk about the strong and weak points of the last year. As we had the talk in our family, we found out some of the things that our children weren’t open about last year. When asked why they didn’t say anything before, they said that they were sorry for me and didn’t want to add more to my day. Wasn’t I in tears? You bet! They were actually thinking about my husband and about me more than about themselves!!! How wonderful is that? Last year, we had our baby #3 during the school year, so it was a little hectic here and there.

But, kids are too young and most of the time they care about what they need or want, I mean, they are kids; do they really understand? What else kids do besides playing pretend, video games, computers, ask for snacks, being so darn cute, and the list continues??? I guess I was wrong when I assumed all of that.

Now what?

I sat down and give it a thought or two and I realized that our kids are sensing what we feel; they can see the message we are sending through out our emotions, talks, and actions. I never wanted my kids to have concerns or worries about anything, and now I am here hearing them and I am feeling completely lost, because these are my treasures, my best everything I could ever have, and I felt like I didn’t protect them well enough! Do you ever feel that way? Do you ever feel like you can’t breathe? Or like you are almost ready to cry? Do you ever realized that you could do a lot more better than how you are doing already?

I know that you might be puzzled right now as I was. I, literally, couldn’t think of anything else for couple of days. I was spending time with my sister, friends, parents, or my husband, and caught myself constantly thinking about what my kids said.

This is exactly the reason I put this list together: to express what my kids wanted for the new school year to happen and done by us, their parents. I think that it will help you guys to start a trusty conversation with your child and see if maybe they are missing the same things my kids missed last year.

My children’s wish list for the new school year:

  • Go with them to the classroom – this one was really important for my girl. When I asked why? She said that it makes her feel safe; and if anything happens I would know where to go to help her.
  • Pack a not so healthy snack once in a while – I know what you think, I was thinking that too… My son, which is older, said that sometimes kids are eating Goldfish snacks, or Lunchables ; and makes them feel like they are missing on something. And they want sometimes to have Chips, cookies, and pretzels .
  • Go to school events – the years prior we would go to almost all of them, and they said they missed that so much. When other kids were talking about those events last year, they were wishing they were there too.
  • Volunteer for their classroom – Yep, I was known for volunteering for my kids’ classroom all the time, but not last year. Teachers always knew that they could rely on me and ask for help when needed.
  • Be in the PTA again – and on my reply : ” But, I was in the PTA last year” my son said: ” Be like you mean it!” Two years ago, I was helping with the Art Docent classes, and bringing food for appreciation days, and so on. That what my kids wanted me to do again.
  • They wanted their Surprise Parties back on play – and these are not birthdays or holidays, these are the parties I used to do for my son, like Surprise Pizza, or fruits, or juice for his whole class. Please don’t forget to make arrangements with the teachers first.
  • Last but not list, they wanted our silly family time – truth be told, I was missing those nights too. There is nothing better than having a good laugh with your family playing, having snacks, and forgetting about the world – now I feel like a singer 🙂

What’s next?

We are all busy, and tired, and we work, and we have chores, and problems, and it might seem hard to help the school, or maybe you, literally, don’t have the time for that, and are wishing just for an extra minute of sleep,  I understand you, I am basically right there with you holding a big sign: Give her a break! And don’t you dare to feel bad, or disappointed because you want a break, or you don’t have the time to have everything done like you want to. Ready for some good news? There is always something easy to do that will show your kids that YOU love to be involved in their school life (it will also give them the idea that the school life is fun and we are missing it), like:

  1. send a snack for their class – let your child could share it with his classmates;
  2. buy some nice plates and cups from Dollar Store and send them in with some cupcakes;
  3. when you find a moment – talk to their teacher, so they can see that you care;
  4. ask their teachers how can you help from home – they have lots of cutting to do, making book journals, gluing, sorting homework. From my experience, teachers will always appreciate your help.


The conclusion is simple: the small things can and will make our children feel our presence, care, and give them confidence even though we are not close to them, even though we are not holding their hands. Studies show that being part of the kids’ school life boosts their confidence, self-esteem, their school performance, makes them more social, and keeps them away from bad habits and companies. Sound great, isn’t it?

What are your children wishing for the new school year? What do you do to improve their school year? Please comment below with your thoughts and experiences, I love to learn from other parents!

Don’t forget to share this article to help other parents to see what I couldn’t see last year!


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