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Priorities - to live a happier everyday life and have a cheerful tomorrow


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Priorities are defined by google as the facts or conditions of being regarded or treated as more important. They are our choices, the choices every human being has to make to feel happy, to survive, to protect, to be. That being said, people do have different priorities they live their lives by, and post it all over the internet; and we stay behind the screens reading them, sharing them, being happy or sad for them, judging them, etc.
I don’t know why but I got these feeling that my life is judged too by other people for sure, and even though I don’t put too much accent on what people say or think, I do like when they think positive about me and my doings. It’s impossible to please everyone, it’s impossible to do everything the right way, it’s impossible to have only good days, and not mess up sometimes. In my opinion that is what life it’s made of: happy moments, sad moments, mistakes, eureka moments, and won’t do it again moments. The most important thing is how do we look at them: do we criticize ourselves way too hard, or do we let go way too easy? Do we keep reminding ourselves what we did wrong, or learn the lesson and move on? I find it very easy to say, but hard to do whatever we answered. 

I, myself, have several new priorities like being a better mom, wife, person, getting more things done and let’s not forget about using some makeup (which I love, but learned so much about chemicals that it makes me not wanting to put them on me daily). Out of all, Family is the most important to me.


I am blessed with a wonderful family: my children, my husband, my sister, my brother, my parents, my parents-in-law – I wouldn’t be a whole without any of them. Their opinion really mater to me: these are the people I really want to see happy, I want them to be happier than me, especially if me being happy would hurt them in anyway. As I said, I was blessed – my family (all of them) might think that I am weird (and I am), but they are here to give me their support, their love, and their everything. 

Another priority is to teach my kids, by example, that family is everything. I want them to grow up knowing that they are having people who love them very much, people they can rely on, they can trust, or just be together without any worries. I want them to be used to the private time they would spend with their spouse and kids, but also to be used to the times they would spend with their relatives.


I always encourage family gatherings, and I would do it as often as I could. At our house we have large parties with lots of people, and small ones with just one or two families. These gatherings are real blessings: as I get ready for the night, I am all tired, because I want everything to be perfect: clean house, cooked food, welcoming feeling are just a few things I want to offer to our guests. And then everyone is here, in the house, enjoying the food and the company of each other, kids running and screaming, a loud men laugh, or quiet secrets the girls tell each other – this is pure joy! My heart is so pleased, my mind is so calm, and I am happy. For a second, I get quiet and look around and thanking God for these people. And then my eyes catch the face of my old father, the man who worked so hard all his life to provide for us, the man who I didn’t fully understand as a teenager, the father I was judging at times, the person I love so much, and a tear just drops down and I am praying to God not to lose him, I know that it’s going to happen, but please not today… Mom, my mom- she was always sick, and I am really grateful that she moved to USA and here it seems that her conditions got better. I remember the nights I was looking at her pictures and was worried if she and my dad have enough food on their table, if they need money… they never asked for anything… and now, they are here with me, looking good, being next to me… but getting old… My eyes came across my parents in law, my husband loves them so dearly, I love them very much… these are the people I admire: my father in law is always here for us when we need help, he leaves everything and flies to help his children, no matter how hard, what time it is, he is here for every one of us. My mother in law – this is one of the most humble person I know, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have character, she has, like every one of us. She is always running between her kids and grand kids ready to help, ready to hide her tears when one of us says something that might hurt her feelings, she is always there to call us the nicest nick names, she is here. I pray every night for all of them.

Yes, I want my children to remember their grandparents, to cherish them, to express their love for them. I don’t want them just to send a post card once in a while, I want them to call them daily, to meet as many times as possible. I don’t want them to let the life problems or behaviors to get between them and their family.

I have to admit that it can be hard: we all are living in a self-centered world, where everyone is thinking mostly about how to please themselves, where seems so easy to cut out people out of their lives, and forgetting that in the end it also brings mostly emptiness.


I urge everyone to call your parents, to tell your loved ones that you love them, hug them, message them daily. Don’t let anything or anyone to separate you from your family. I think that this would help kids grow more confident, attached and would make anyone think twice before doing something. Don’t let a messy house get between you and your loved ones, don’t let things said be an excuse of not being together.

Love each other!

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  1. I agree so much with this! My son is super close to my parents (they live about 5 minutes away) and he loves my MIL so much even though he doesn’t get to see her as much (she’s an hour away). We let him skype with her often and he has so much fun. Family is so important.

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