Teacher Appreciation: Simple Things – Mighty Feelings

Teacher Appreciation: Simple Things – Mighty Feelings

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If you have followed my Back-to-School series, than you probably already know that I have a deep appreciation for the teachers. Simply put: these are the people who will spend a lot of time teaching and putting up with my kids mood during the year and I would like to make sure that they feel supported and appreciated. To read more you can visit this page

In this post, I wanted to stress out that the teachers will always give us their time – they want our children to be successful. Therefore, I like to show them that I do appreciate their time, the time they could use to relax, or finish their work, or whatever they want to do, maybe just go home. I am a strong believer that small things cause mighty feelings, feeling that give us peace of mind, and openness to communicate.

Here is the simple gift to show the teachers that I am thankful for their time and readiness to give me their attention. I was really impressed by how quick they responded to my needs.


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How do you show appreciation for your children’s teachers? Let me know!


What are your thoughts?